The Healthnut

The Healthnut – quinoa cupcake, sweet avacado-lime center, topped with fresh fig buttercream and almond bits.

My favorite foods in cupcake form: quinoa (the mother grain), avacados (so darn good), figs (fiber, yayh!), and almonds (i live off almonds).  I have had ants in my pants to try this one out!  and i’m pretty sure I’ll have to double the recipe, cause I’m gonna eat a WHOLE YUMMY batch all by myself.  This pamcake is friggin DELISH!

(Using black or red quinoa makes it very pretty.)

She hardly eats them, but she sure will drink her veggies!. In fact, she usually grabs mine and finishes it off as well.

My Green Monster Recipe:

handful of kale leaves (ribs removed), handful of green grapes, half an avacado, 1/2 cup of filtered water or pure apple juice, small wedge of cabbage, 1 apple or pear, handful of ice cubes….all organic please..throw in blender and blend away…tastes like and has the consistency of applesauce. So Good for you and loaded with veggies.  Kale is the king of veggies: it has 10-15 glucosinolates to fight cancer. Just one cup has most of your vit. C requirements, tons of vit. A, and a bunch of other nutrients.  and its fun to say….K.A.L.E….KALE!…its kind of cool…i may name my next child, Kale.


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