Cinnamon HoneyBuns**

Cinnamon cake, sweet cream cheese center, topped with vanilla buttercream, cinnamon brown sugar crumbles.

My mum and dad are very special people- very smart, funny, a tad crazy, and full of advice that i didn’t take but should have. I get my stubbornpitbullness from my mum and my dry sense of humor from my dad. When I was in high school, I had a pretty early curfew, which I never followed…and for prom one year, my curfew was way earlier than everyone else’s – totally unfair and uncool. But my parents said that everyone could come over to our house, so all 10-12 of us laid out in the flour of our formal living room and it was super fun…when we woke up, my mum and dad had made this MASSIVE breakfast for us….so totally cool and AWESOME. Cinnamon buns make me think of that morning, and all the other family moments that really count…warm, sweet and filled with love. Bring on the nostalgia, baby.


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